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Jade Anne Duke
2D Animator and Illustrator


- Adobe Flash – Intermediate
- Adobe AfterEffects – Intermediate
- Adobe Photoshop – Expert
- Adobe Illustrator – Intermediate
-Cel Action – Beginner
- TV Paint – Beginner

Personal Profile
I have worked in the animation industry since leaving university in 2011. I have worked on many projects including television series, advertisements, games and website design. My career as a freelancer has allowed me to learn many skills and work in different environments.


Freelance Illustrator and Animator
July 2011 – Present

During my time as a freelance illustrator and animator, I have worked on various projects including 2D animation, character design and illustration. These projects have covered a multitude of medias including, publishing, websites, television advertisements.

Echo Bridge Pictures - Flash Animator
March 2015-Present

For animated series 'Major Lazer' – With my assigned shots I do the rough animations which then gets passed onto Clean up.

Cosgrove Hall - Flash Animator
July 2014 – September 2014

3 month holiday cover for the children’s series ‘Pip Ahoy’. Here I went through the process of roughing, blocking and animating my allocated shots.

Lab Zero games - Clean up artist
June 2012 – November 2012

Lab Zero Games, produce console games including, Xbox, Playstation and PC. During my time with Lab Zero I worked on Skullgirls a unisex combat game. I was employed to do clean up animation on the characters.

Machinima - Flash Animator
December 2013 – January 2014

Machinima work through Youtube doing game reviews and cartoon animation. During my role as a Flash Animator I was given a story board and utilised Adobe to produce the third episode of ‘Super Smashed Bros’, a cartoon based on the console game from Nintendo . I was responsible for the episode from storyboard to end product.

Picasso Pictures – Flash Animator and Photoshop Clean Up Artist
July 2013
September 2013 – November 2013
March 2012 – May 2012

Picasso pictures work closely with high profile clients to assist in the design of television and website advertisements.

I have worked on several projects with Picasso Pictures as a Freelancer including Holland and Barrett advert and the Quickbooks telephone app. I was employed as a Flash Animator and Clean up artist to assist with these projects.

I started with Picasso Pictures doing work experience, they then kept me on to assist with projects and subsequently have hired me on a freelance basis on various occasions since.

Karrot Animation – Commercial Animator
May 2012 – July 2013

Karrot Animation produce television commercials and television series.

I started working with Karrot on ‘Sarah and Duck’ a children’s television series for CBeebies, which has since gone to air. I was then moved across to assist with various commercials which entailed, Flash / after effects animation, concept artistry and storyboarding. During my time with Karrot I worked as an inbetweener and completed tasks including scene rendering, script highlighting, colour blocking in Photoshop

During this role I had the opportunity to learn new skills, including two weeks training with the animation program CelAction.

Channel M Publishing
March 2012 – July 2012
Channel M Publishing are comic book publisher, I joined them to assist with character design from concept to final design.

Reverge Labs, LLC – Freelance 2D Character Cleanup Artist
August 2011 – November 2011

Reverge Labs is a video gaming company, I started working with them on the SkullGirls project which subsequently was moved to Lab Zero Games. This position involved inking, colouring and shading rough animation that was provided for the 2D fighting game.


Arts University College at Bournemouth
Bournemouth. September 2008 – July 2011
BA (Hons) Animation Production

Yeovil College, Sixth Form
Yeovil. September 2005 - June 2008
BND Graphic Design
BTEC National Diploma

Stanchester Community School.
Stoke-sub-Hamdon. September 2000 - July 2005
Art and Design (A) English (B) English Literature (B)
Food Technology (B) Religious studies (C) History (C)
Mathematics (C) Double Science (CC)

Tom Jordan                               
Karrot Animation                                                                         
11 Morecambe St                                                                       
Greater London                                                                         
SE17 1DX
+44 (0) 207 703 2080                                                             

Melissa Venet
Picasso Pictures
9-11 Broadwick
St London
+44 (0) 20 7437 9888


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